North Fork Trip NY




     The North Fork Therapeutic Riding Program (NoFoTRIP) is located on the north fork of long island (hence NoFo), truly historic country.  Foxrun Farm, 25 acres of beautiful, gently sloping fields, grass pastures and woodlands is nestled in Cutchogue, settled in 1643.  Our village is typical of the natural beauty of the North Fork with its farms, vineyards, artisanal breweries and miles of beaches.

     A BIT OF HISTORY.  How did a cornfield turn into a horse farm and nurture a Therapeutic Riding Non-profit?  In the late 1970’s our young, competitive horse-riding daughter’s desire to own a Thoroughbred, prompted us to buy a 25 acre cornfield surrounded by woodland. After building a house, the cornfield became a hayfield; the harvested hay bales needed storage; the new horse needed a barn and fenced in pastures.  Land, house, hay, horses, barn, and pastures: Foxrun Farm was born!  But it never occurred to us to become involved with a therapeutic riding program for special needs children and adults until we learned about the successes of Therapeutic Riding from our trainer, Maryanne D’Auria, a certified World and Special Olympics New York Equestrian Coach.

     Now The North Fork Therapeutic Riding Program (NoFoTRIP) offers individualized therapeutic riding lessons and equine-assisted activities to individuals of all ages: children, adults and veterans with physical, cognitive, emotional or developmental disabilities.

“Therapeutic riding can turn a disability into an ability that extends far beyond the riding ring” says Maryanne.  The true value of therapeutic riding is the look of achievement and pride on a child’s face when they successfully complete a task!

The North Fork Therapeutic Riding Program can benefit those with:


Intellectual and Developmental

Disabilities (IDD)

Learning Problems


Stress (PTS)

Stroke Down’s Syndrome Cerebral Palsy
Emotional Problems Behavioral Problems Multiple Sclerosis
Autism Spinal Cord Injuries Seizure Disorders
Visual & Hearing Problems Brain Injury Developmental Delays