North Fork TRiP

Sponsors & Donors


We truly appreciate the individuals and companies who contribute to our growth and development.

Mr. Lindsey Hall

Ms. Joan Jealous

Mr. Robin Smart

Mr. George Marsich

Ms. Stacy Lewis

Mrs. Lorraine Miller

Mrs. Anne Madsen

ATJD Architecture and Planning, PC

Ms. Ellen Ham, Esq.

Mr. Edward C. Booth

Mrs. Ann Amiaga

CAPT Julie Hansen Shank, USN

Mrs. Patricia Feiler

Mrs. Lydia Ann Wells

Amiaga Photographers, Inc.


Bridgehampton National Bank

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Greenport, NY

The Methodist Church of the North Fork

Medical Illustrations Company

ATJD Architecture and Planning, PC

Amiaga Photographers, Inc.

Lindsey, Ali, Kate and Cameron Hall

Mrs. Sheila Hall

Rick and Carol Constant

CAPT James M. Cannon, IV, USN, Ret.

Mrs. Lucy Hollins Cannon


Ms. Ellen Ham, Esq.

Chris and Nancy Amiaga

David Vanderveen

Patricia and Don Feiler

Mrs. Barbara and CDR David Hogen, USN, Ret.

A donor who wishes to remain Anonymous, Ref:BD

Ms. Barbara Gonzalez

Irene and Ted Webb

Mr. Ed Booth

CWO Mike Mayo, USN, Ret.

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Sullivan

Mrs. Ann Amiaga

Our Board of Directors

Leonard D. Dank, CMI – Founder (1929 – 2019)

Amelia T. Jealous-Dank, RA, MPA

Stephen J. Amiaga, PPA, PAPA